Our team at Surfrider Vancouver is an example of how big a splash you can make if you care enough to act. Each month we engage in beach cleanups, campaigns, and spread our message throughout Canada: We can protect & enjoy our coast...in fact, it is hard to do one without the other!


Why become a volunteer? 

BE pro-active in protecting your oceans.

JOIN a passionate team.

GAIN new skills, work and life experiences.

LEAD exciting events through-out the year.

MAKE a measurable impact.

EXPERIENCE life as a Game-Changer. BE a Surfrider


Become a part of our team today!

  • We value all skills and talents- From photography to creative writing to event planning
  • Our team includes: Executive, Design Team, Development Team, Communications Team and Events Team
  • We value your time and will find a role to suit you but ask that all volunteers plan to attend at least 1 event each month. In addition to your role this could be about 2-3 hours a week.


For more information on becoming a volunteer, email our Volunteer Team at volunteer@vancouver.surfrider.org! Let them know your interests.