Protect Where You Play

Join us at monthly beach and hike cleanups followed by fun social get togethers at a local or waterfront pub. 

The map below displays previous beach cleanups around Vancouver. Click on any of the Surfrider pins to get more information on how much garbage was collected and pictures of the event!

That's a lot of trash! 

This research is conducted by an incredible team of volunteers on the SFV Research Team. You can join the team by showing up 15 minutes early to our next beach cleanup and letting one of our leaders know that you want to be a part of the research team.

What does the research team do?

At your first cleanup you will learn about ocean research methods in a fun and hands on way from experienced ocean researchers. We collect and report on the type and amount of waste at beach we clean. Using globally standardized research methods as defined by NOAA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Our research is used by city, provincial and federal governments to better understand the impacts of marine debris and coastal littering on the places we play in, your local beach. 

We are looking for volunteers and donations to increase the impacts of this citizen led research, contact us to join our efforts or click on the button below to donate!

“From snow to the oceans and back again…”