Ten Tips to Kick the Plastic Habit

marine plastic pollution

Here are ten handy tips to help you reduce your plastic footprint:

1. Bring a canvas reusable bag for groceries and other shopping.

2. Buy fruits and veggies loose instead of prepackaged. Most fruits and veggies come with their own biodegradable packaging (skins).

3. Buy from the bulk section and use reusable bulk containers.

4. Buy in concentrate and look for stores in your area that offer refills.

5. Buy close to home. Food that travels a long way from where it is produced to where it is eventually bought and consumed often requires more packaging (and more fuel to transport). Local food, especially from your local farmers market, often comes completely packaging free.

6. Avoid single use plastic drink bottles. Bring your own reusable water bottle and refill with some of the world's best and safest tap water.

7. Avoid 'convenience' foods. Prepackaged single serving are inconvenient for the ocean because of their excess packaging.

8. Eat in. Takeout containers are often made of polystyrene foam, which is environmentally damaging to produce, and one of the main types of marine debris. If you choose takeout, bring your own container. Most restaurants are happy to accommodate.

9. Buy secondhand, or share and donate items with useful life remaining. If something has already been produced, the damage is already done.  Repair damaged or broken items.

10. Recycle. It's not a perfect solution, but some plastics can be turned into other useful products before their eventual end of life in the landfill.

Every time you use less plastic, you help the oceans. What's your creative way to use less plastic?

Top 3 reasons to join Surfrider Vancouver's Executive Committee

It's that time again. Time for some fresh faces to step up to an executive role in the local chapter. Why should you get involved? Here are the Top 3 reasons to run for a position on the executive committee:

1. Take local action on global issues

Surfrider is a global non-profit, but the real action takes place at the grassroots level to protect and enjoy our oceans, waves, and beaches.

Every year we participate in dozens of community events! Examples of awesome events we've taken part of are Charles Moore's book tour, the Rip Curl Pro Tofino, countless beach & mountain cleanups, film premieres, Paul Watson at the Projecting Change Film Fest, PaddleFest, Boardstock, Crankworx, and so many more! Surfrider is active in the community and as an executive you'll be right in the thick of the action, making great things happen.

2. Connect with great people

Surfrider volunteers are known to pick up trash (even on rainy days), go plastic free, make their own yogurt, organize events, enjoy a perfect day at the beach, develop educational materials for kids, give each other high fives, test water samples, and so much more. We're a pretty okay bunch if we do say so ourselves. As an executive you'll connect with passionate like-minded people.

3. Get work experience

Are you in school and looking for real world experience? Maybe you have a job but want to get hands on learning in a new role? Enjoy the flexibility and personal satisfaction that comes from spending time on a cause you care about.

And besides, it's fun!

We will be holding executive elections during our next chapter meeting, Dec 11th. See the Events page for time and place information.

Surfrider Foundation at the Rip Curl Pro Tofino

Surfrider was there for the action-packed Rip Curl Pro event, in Tofino BC, June 9 & 10, 2012. We raised funds through a combination of on-site food sales, raffles, party tickets and donations. We had a chance to engage with the Pacific Rim surf community and hosted daily beach cleanups of Cox Bay with partner SPY during the event.

While there, we posed the question - why do you love your beach? Enjoy this video of the event made by Shaun and Devon Finn at FINNesse Media, with music by Warless.


Big thanks to Rip Curl, the Long Beach Lodge & Resort, SPY, and our team of volunteers for doing so much to make Surfrider's participation in the 6th annual Rip Curl Pro Tofino such a success.