A Surfrider Foundation Educational Evening: Marine Spatial Planning in BC

MSP-postcard-640x360-updatedIt’s getting crowded out there in the ocean. No, we’re not talking about the lineup at your favourite break. For centuries, the oceans have pretty much been regarded as the ultimate “wild west” where anything goes. But now we’re rapidly discovering that the ocean’s resources are not limitless, and that we can negatively affect conditions in the ocean and the viability of some “ocean uses” through the improper placement and implementation of other uses.

The Surfrider Foundation Vancouver Chapter invites you to an educational evening to learn about Marine Spatial Planning in BC.

Guest Speaker Dr. Andrew Day will present: What does Hishukisk Ts'awalk mean? What people on the West Coast of Vancouver Island are doing to protect the marine ecosystem and how you can be involved.


Event Details:


Jericho Sailing Centre 1300 Discovery St., Vancouver, BC North West Room (2nd Floor) 6:30 pm – 8:15pm

Free public event

Eventbrite - Marine Resource Planning Presentation


About the Speaker: 

ANDREW DAY, LL.B., Ph.D., Managing Director, West Coast Aquatic

Dr. Andrew Day has a law degree from Queen’s University and a Ph.D. in Resource and Environmental Management from Simon Fraser University.  His doctoral thesis focused on building and implementing ecosystem-based governance using the West Coast of Vancouver Island as a case study.  He has continued to implement ecosystem management on the West Coast, as well as advising federal, Provincial, First Nations, and local governments on integrated resource governance more broadly.

About West Coast Aquatic:

West Coast Aquatic has been working with local businesses, groups and communities to develop plans and tools that will help balance the many uses of the coastal environment and ensure a healthy economy, culture and environment. westcoastaquatic.ca