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Yura Kulikov


The ocean has always been a way for Yura to connect to something larger. It has always been a part of his life and it has always felt strange to be away from it. He is a firm believer in protecting our oceans and planet. It has been a fulfilling and inspiring for Yura to be with Surfrider. The organization provides him with an opportunity to give back to something he loves and hopes to protect. Volunteering with Surfrider also gives him the pleasure of being surrounded by like-minded people.


Kat Jayme

Vice Chair

Kat was born and raised in Vancouver and is passionate about keeping our oceans clean.  She is an independent filmmaker passionate about telling meaningful stories.  Her films are her way of making a difference by telling stories that need to be told.  Kat volunteers with Surfrider as another way to create positive change in our community.  She has loved every minute of being a part of the Surfrider team and is thrilled to be surrounded by such passionate and like minded people. 


Bonnie Chan


Bonnie is an avid lover of the environment and animals. She fell in love with the ocean after a snorkeling excursion in the Caribbean. Devastated by all the destruction to the ocean from plastic and pollution, she decided to take action and join Surfrider to help protect this beautiful planet that we all call home. After participating in one beach cleanup, Bonnie was inspired by this movement of like-minded people and has since joined the Surfrider team as Secretary to protect where we play. 


Jason Cisneros



Marin Davidson

Events Director


Crystal Chan

Volunteer Coordinator

A snow, skate and board sports enthusiast, Crystal is deeply inspired by the work, craft, and arts seen in and around coastal oceanic communities. Raised in Richmond BC and minutes away from some of the most advertised scenic destinations, she’s drawn to all the natural ecosystems we’re fortunate enough to still be able to enjoy to this day.

While working out of the events and creative fields, her passion for interdisciplinary collaboration is what initially drove her to Surfrider. For the past year, she’s had the honour of working with the community, assisting with events, issuing memberships and providing quick turnaround visuals for use both online and in chapter newsletters. Crystal is thrilled to be joining SurfriderVan as Volunteer Coordinator and looks forward to having you out to an upcoming beach clean! 

Core Volunteers

Design Team

Graphic Designer:    Tera Luxembourg

Web Designer:          John Cristiani

Videography Lead:  John Kelly

Development Team

Partnership Lead:    Regan Courtney

Membership Lead:  Brianna Brown

Communications Team

Social Media Lead:      Regan  Courtney

Social Media Lead:      Stacy Taylor

Content Lead: Steph Baker

Events Team

Events Lead:           Jess Moe

Events Lead:           Rithikha  Rajamohan

Events Lead:           Marisa Gullaci

Events Lead:           Kendall Andison